Kebab Junction Course

Kebab Course
Online Platform
MasterChef Daniel C Gomes
20 Hours

If you are a Bangladeshi people and you are a Kebab lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to follow our course!

Kebab Junction Course

ICI’s Kebab Junction Course is a comprehensive program designed to teach students how to prepare and cook a variety of delicious kebab dishes. The course covers everything from the selection of meats and ingredients, to the preparation and cooking techniques needed to make perfect kebabs every time. Students will learn about different kebab styles and regional variations, as well as how to create marinades and sauces that complement the flavors of the meat. The course also covers important aspects of hygiene and food safety, ensuring that students have a solid understanding of the industry standards. With practical training and guidance from experienced instructors, students can gain the skills needed to excel in the culinary industry as a professional kebab chef or caterer.

যে সব আইটেম থাকবেঃ 


1.Beef Bihari Kabab

2.Beef Boti Kebab

3.Kathi Kebab

4.Chicken Reshmi Kebab

5.Beef Seekh Kebab

6.Chicken Tikka Kebab

7.Beef Shutil Kebab

8.Dora Kebab

9.Galawat Kebab

10.Chicken Hariyali Kebab

11.Tangri Kebab

12.Kastoori Kebab

13.Chicken Dahi  Kebab

14.Paneer Kebab

15.Burra Kebab


16.Chicken Lola Kebab

17.Malai Tikka

18.Kaddhi Kebab

19.Shish Tawook

20.Shahi Gola Kebab

  1. Sindhi Handi Kebab

22.Mutton Adana Kebab

23.Afghan Kofta

24.Tas Kebab

25.Lamb Tandoori


  1. Chicken Siş Tavuk

28.Sivas Kebab

29.Testi Kebab

  1. Vali Kebab


31.Urfa Kebab

32.Chicken Chap

33.Beef  Pudina Chap

  1. Gurda Kebab

35.Chicken Tawa Kebab

36.Beef Tawa Kebab

37.Fish Dahi Kebab

38.Sabji Bandhi Kebab

39.Zinha Tandoori Kebab

40.Prawn Fest Tandoori Kebab

41.Duck Mirch kebab

42.Whole Fish Tandoori

43.Chicken Lebanese Kebab

44.Moroccan Beef Kebab

45.Turkish Fish Tawook

  Course Fee: 4590 Taka only




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