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Daniel Chandan Gomes’ culinary career began in early 1996, inspired by his Executive Gardmeger Chef father Michel Nirmol Gomes and his family’s love and respect for quality and tradition. After completing his training on Food & Beverage and Food Safety from NHTTI (famously known as Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation) and HACCP, ITT Sheraton Hotel Dhaka respectively, Mr. Daniel sought opportunities to further develop his own passion and creativity.

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International Culinary Institute (ICI) is the country’s leading Culinary Institute that is steeped in the history of the Bangladeshi culinary industry since 2015.

Our story begins when Master Chef Daniel C. Gomes realized the need for a private intervention in the culinary setting in Bangladesh apart from the existing Government measures. His vision soon resulted in an opening of a Cookery School that attracted much publicity in no time from national and international media houses.

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Take a tour in ICI and you will find the best cookery school in the country. The video shall help you to grasp the essence of what we do here at ICI.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to create Chefs not Recipes!

At the International Culinary Institute (ICI), you will be inspired to develop your passion for the culinary arts and management under the direction of our chef instructors and lecturers. Our ICI Master Chefs are both classically trained and qualified teachers, whilst our lecturers contribute a wealth of knowledge gained through years of experience in both education and the hospitality industry.

Both Dhaka and Chittagong are now widely regarded for their extensive gastronomic appeal, attracting ambitious culinary and hospitality enthusiasts from around the nation. By studying here at ICI, you will receive the mentorship of industry experts while also exposed to a rich variety of international cuisines and lifestyles- simply the experience of a lifetime!

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