Diploma in Global Culinary Arts

Course ID
Cooking, Service
MasterChef Daniel C Gomes
Internship, Practical, Theoretical
One year

If you’re a culinary passionate who is looking forward to unleash growth opportunities, we bet this is the best culinary institute for you!

Diploma in Global Culinary Arts is a twelve months program accredited by Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). By integrating classroom learning with on the job experiences, Diploma in Global Culinary Arts provides students with opportunities to learn and practice important skills related to leadership and responsibilities of the chefs. These skill sets serve as a foundation to professional, trained, and educated employees. It is a school-to-career path for the people interested in the Hotel, Restaurant or any Food service industry.

The curriculum of the Diploma in Global Culinary Arts has been meticulously designed and quality assured by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It has been credit-rated on the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 6, with a credit point value of 67. Moreover, it is benchmarked against the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) at Level 4, ensuring that the qualification holds international recognition and meets European standards.

Upon successful completion of this diploma, students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the culinary world, making them well-trained and educated individuals sought after by employers. The school-to-career approach of the program ensures a seamless transition for graduates into the culinary workforce.

Notably, the Diploma in Global Culinary Arts enables students to leverage their acquired credits for further educational pursuits. These credits can be transferred to renowned institutions such as:

1. Canterbury Institute of Management in Australia
2. Aspira College of Management and Design in Croatia
3. Southern Cross University in Australia

providing students with valuable international opportunities for higher education.

Embark on a rewarding journey in the culinary arts with our Diploma in Global Culinary Arts, and unlock a world of delectable possibilities in the hospitality and food service industry.


Course Fee: 1,52,000 Taka Only (You can pay the fees in 4 installments)

Morning Batch

Time Place Day Resource Person
11:00pm – 03:00pm DHA, CTG Fri-Sat Maria Sonali Gomes


Day Batch

Time Place Day Instructor
3:00pm – 07:00pm DHA, CTG Fri-Sat  Chef Jennifer Shawon


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