Beverage Course

Beverage Course
Online Platform
MasterChef Daniel C Gomes
20 Hours

If you are a Bangladeshi people and you are a Beverage lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to follow our course!

Beverage Course

ICI’s Beverage online course is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the beverage industry. Through this course, students will learn about the different types of beverages, how to make them, and the factors that influence their taste and quality. The course covers topics such as brewing methods, mocktail mixing, and shake  preparation. With practical training and industry insights, students can acquire the skills needed to excel in the beverage industry, whether as a professional  beverage manager.

যে সব আইটেম থাকবেঃ 


1.Blueberry Lime mocktail

2.Orange mojito


4.Sweet lacchi

5.Strawberry shake

6.Masala blossom

7.Salted lacchi

8.Lemon sorbet

9.Green mango splash

10.Dark chocolate shake

11.Ice cream soda

12.Citrus Fizz

13.Dragon splash

14.Honey ginger soda

15.Virgin cucumber gimlet


16.Magic apple

17.Shirley Ginger

18.Cold coffee

19.Mocha shake

20.Melon margarita

21.Berry barbeque 

22.Milky rooh afza

23.Mint chili mocktail

24.Lavender lemonade

25.Lemon green iced tea

26.Lichi milkshake


28.Mixed fruit punch

29.Fruit kala khatta

30.Spice tamarind


31.Blue lagoon mocktail

32.Dahi chawal

33.Virgin mojito

34.Kheer Sagar

35.Sparkling peach punch 

36.Papaya yogurt blossom

  1. Yoghourt shake

38.Pesta milk sarbe

39.Kaju dahi sorbot

40.Ice gola

41.Kashmiri kahwa tea

42.Prongshen tea

43.Cream peanut coffee

44.Zafran milk tea

45.Rose milk


  Course Fee: 2020 Taka only




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