Bakery & Patisserie Course

Bakery & Patisserie online course
Online Platform
MasterChef Daniel C Gomes
40 Hours

If you’re a culinary passionate who is looking forward to unleash growth opportunities, we bet this is the best culinary institute for you!

Bakery & Patisserie Items:

Day 1 – Fusion Dessert class

Corn cake with maple syrup


Coco mousse cake with honey sauce

Chocolate lava cake with cocoa cream sauce

Creme Brulee

Bread & butter pudding

Raspberry tiramisu

Day 2 – Tart, pie & fudge

Mixed fruit tart

Fruit trifle

Apple pie

Raspberry fudge cake

Blueberry tart

Pineapple icing pie

Strawberry chiffon pie

Fried Banana

Day 3 – Breads & Buckets

Milk bread

English bread

Multigrain loaf bread

Oats loaf bread

Sesame Dinner roll

Puff pastry

Ring Burger Bun

Day 4 – Cakes & Cookies

Dark chocolate Brownies

Chocolate coated cake

Fondant Wedding cake

Handiest butter cookies

Hazelnut cookies

Red velvet

Chocolate fruit compote

Day 5 – Savory

American chicken pie


Chicken Mushroom quiche

Spinach Ravioli

Pizza bread

Chicken cream patty

Icing coated Danish

Course Fee:5100 Taka Only

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